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Legislative & Environmental Resources
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Legislative & Environmental Resources







New Mexico



TCEQ Dry Cleaning Activities - Report to the 84th Texas Legislative - NEW!

Legislative Sessions


Missouri -

Legislature meets every year on the first Wednesday after the first monday in January, ending on May 30th. Both house's members are limited to 8 year terms.

SB612, the taxation bill, passed both houses but was vetoed by the Governor. It is not expected to come up in the veto session  in September.


Oklahoma -

 Legislature meets at noon on 1st Monday in February every odd  numbered year / cannot exceed 160 days

12 year term limit on both houses


New Mexico -

 On even years Legislature meets at noon on the last Monday in March and cannot last longer than 60 legislative days out of 85 days

 On odd years there is a limited jurisdiction session.   Legislature meets at noon on the last Monday in April for no more thatn 45 legislative days out of 60 days

 Both house members serve a 4 year term and have a term limit  of 12 years or 3 terms


 Arkansas -

 Meet 2nd Monday of every other year for 60 days unless the  legislature voted to extend the session

 Representative term limit is 3 - 2 year terms

 Senate term limit is 2- 4 yearr terms


 Kansas -

 Legislature meets annually in January and lasts 90 days


 Arizona -

 Legislature meets annually

 Both house members are limited to 8 year terms but after a 2 year respite they can then run again


 Mississippi -

Session meets the Tuesday following the1st Monday in January each year for 90 days except once every 4 years when session lasts 125 days.

The next 125 days session will be in 2016


 Texas -

 Legislature meets 2nd Tuesday in January each odd year for 140 calendar days

 Only the Governor can call a special session which last for 30 days


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