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Member Benefits

for Drycleaners

SDA/DLI has helped me solve cleaning issues & communicate to the customer in a manner that they can understand. Hands down best tool in my toolbox...SDA/DLI!  


Fran Stone - A-Town Cleaners

Dollar Bills

Saving $$

  • Discounts on insurance, credit card processing, utility audits, Starchup's route services app, prescription cards & more.

  • SDA education events are always FREE for members.

Antique Pocket Watch

Saving Time

  • DLI App - the biggest stain resource for employees.

  • Garment Analysis App.

  • Encyclopedia of Drycleaning.

  • DLI Buyers Guide & SDA vendor listing.

Credit Card

Making $$

  • Website design & hosting.

  • Effortless social media.

  • Industry Updates.

  • Marketing News.

  • Management Conferences.

  • Mystery Shopper program.

Globalization concept


  • Southwest Press and Fabricare Magazines.

  • Marketing and industry newsletters.
  • Professional legal and HR expert advice.



  • Regional educational seminars.

  • Cleaners Showcase and CleanShow Conference & Tradeshows.

  • SDA Leadership Directory.

Folding Shirts


  • School of Drycleaning - advanced and beginner courses.

  • Online marketing course for drycleaners.
  • Drycleaner certifications - CPD, CPW & CED.

Why wait?

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