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2 Quick Tips to Gain and Retain Employees

In today’s tight labor market, employees are aware of other opportunities beyond your doors and will leave for more pay, a new challenge or even for no reason at all. According to John Rothrock of Yale Cleaners in Tulsa, OK, in previous times it would take 2 – 3 years to identify and promote a new manager. “These days, if we see someone who is talented and has leadership potential, we promote them in 3-6 months and continue to train them in the new position,” Rothrock says.

Rothrock’s favorite strategy to gain employees takes a little effort and time. He and his management team take treats (his favorite gift is Nothing Bundt Cakes®) to high school counselors, community college counselors, and youth/young adult pastors. “We build relationships with them and explain our ideal candidate for a good employee. Over time, they send referrals to us. Recently, we hired a young lady using this strategy, and within two weeks, she invited two of her friends to apply. That one referral helped us re-staff our entire evening counter with high quality employees. Most surprising, one of those team members, although a senior in high school, is on track for a leadership position in the future,” Rothrock said.

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