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Disruption Cycle Survey

Take the Survey to Help us Discover the State of Our Industry

At the SDA Seminar on October 1 in Albuquerque, branding expert Steve McKee will deliver a keynote presentation called The Disruption Cycle, an informative look at the nature of economic disruption and how every company (and industry) goes through predictable cycles of disruption, acceleration, maturation, saturation, and commoditization. In preparation for his remarks, Steve is asking dry cleaners to take a brief survey. It takes less than five minutes to complete, is completely confidential, and will enable Steve to apply his research insights specifically to our group. He will be presenting the results in aggregate, so nobody will see any of your individual answers. Here is the link. Please find a few minutes in the next several days to complete it; Steve says not to think too deeply about each question as it relates to your business but to go with your gut. Again, just click here to complete the survey.

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