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DLI Opens New Era in Professional Training with All-Virtual Stain Removal Course

Drycleaning & Laundry Institute courses may have been interrupted due to the pandemic but that did not stop the Institute from offering courses. Eighteen students recently completed DLI’s first-ever Virtual Stain Removal Course this spring. DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology re-tooled the course to work in an online-only format and added extra flexibility to help students succeed in the course.

“Convenience was a huge factor for the students,” said Brian Johnson, DLI’s Director of Education & Training. “The students loved it because they didn’t have to leave their jobs and families to come to the school. With the online course they could develop this critical skill without having to be away from work or home.

“The pandemic hit our industry hard,” Johnson said. “In our school’s 94-year history we were only closed one other time — during World War II. With this course, we offered in-depth, virtual, live training. Demand was very high for this course and we purposely kept the class size small so we could address any issues that might come up but there really weren’t any problems. We’re offering another session for this course starting July 13.”

The initial Virtual Stain Removal Course was comprised of six sessions over three weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three hours at a time. The in-person version of this course takes three full, eight-hour days to complete at DLI’s school.

After completing the course students were invited to respond to an anonymous survey. All respondents gave the course high marks and reported having a positive learning experience.

Here are some of the comments they shared:

  • “This was one the most informal and helpful classes I have ever taken. The knowledge that Mr. Brian Johnson provided made my job so much easier. Special thanks to Brian Johnson!”

  • “I did not have a problem with the three-hour format. Brian made the class informative and enjoyable.”

Coming Soon

DLI will offer the Virtual Stain Removal course again from July 13 – August 3. This time the course will run over seven, two-hour sessions. Space will again be limited to a maximum of 20 students. DLI plans to begin offering in-person courses again this fall. The course includes a set of pre-stained fabric samples students use to practice their skills. The course textbook serves as a handy reference guide to removing stains when the course is complete.

Strength in Numbers All professional drycleaning and laundry businesses are invited to join DLI and participate in these programs, access DLI’s on-demand training video library, and enjoy the many benefits of DLI Membership. Call 800-638-2627 or visit for more information.

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