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Silver Bells

Decorating our first Christmas tree together, my wife and I hung a small silver bell engraved “First Christmas 1979”, and we have added a new bell every year since. Those bells are the history of our family—our marriage, birth years of our children and grandchildren, graduations, marriages, deaths of loved ones, and every other occurrence of life.

One night a few years ago, I noticed something unexpected about our Christmas tree and the silver bells. It had always been there, but I had never really considered the reflection of the tree lights in the bells. Not only were the tree lights reflected but the bells served as mini windows into the surrounding room.

Our Christmas tree has now become a history tree, but even more important, a reflection of what is going on at the current moment, and encouragement for the future. I always choose to look at the lights and their reflection as leading the way ahead.

As each of us gather together with family and friends during the coming holiday season, I encourage you to join me by pausing to look at your “silver bells” and the history and memories of years past. Influence, leadership, strength, and encouragement will be at the forefront of my memories. The “lights” that are shining and reflecting in the bells will be gathered with me – hope, faith, and good cheer for the future.

I wish each of you a holiday season filled with an overabundance of blessings and joy.

Danny Bahlman

Bahlman Cleaners

SDA President

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