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Texas Dry Cleaners Fight to Keep Dry Cleaner Remediation Fund

By Erika Paine, Oak Park Cleaners

As we continue to operate under this new normal, we have to strive to manage disruptive change that comes our way. Today the TCEQ is the overseer of the Texas environment and Dry Cleaners in the state. Soon their mandate to oversee us will sunset. If that happens, we will have huge change, because we will be under the arm of the EPA. Currently the TCEQ is concerned mostly with PERC cleanup. But, if we let the Dry Cleaning Remediation Program end, then the EPA will be will take over and impose their regulations over all Texas Dry Cleaners and Laundries, which is more strenuous. You don’t have to take my word for it.

Here are the regulations under the TCEQ:

Here are the EPA regulations:

TCEQ concerns itself with PERC only. The EPA regulates all solvents.

We need your help to fund a lobbyist so that we have representation in the Texas Congress, this next session. Any amount you can give will be appreciated and used entirely to fund this effort. There will be plenty to keep the Congress busy in these interesting times we can’t afford to fall through the cracks.

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