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David Coyle of In the Bag Cleaners Gives Marketing Advice to DLI/SDA Members

Industry marketing coach to write DLI’s weekly Monday Morning Marketing Email and present Monthly Marketing Webinar Series

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed many parts of the United States in March 2020, it brought the clothing care industry to a screeching halt. Almost every operator’s gross revenue dropped 70-80% overnight. Consumers sheltered in their houses, started conducting business remotely in sweatpants, and canceled weddings, concerts, events, and travel. With little reason to get dressed up, there was little call to go to their local drycleaner.

David Coyle was one of these drycleaners. He’s faced adversity before and knew that in every crisis, there is opportunity. In 2000, Coyle launched In the Bag Cleaners in Wichita, Kansas. Having completed his largest acquisition of 13 stores during the crash of 2008, Coyle knows challenges like COVID can create life-changing transformations.

Since 2008, Coyle captured 70% of his local market and recently started Maverick Drycleaners to offer consulting assistance to drycleaning business operators. Beginning this December, Coyle will bring his talents and experiences to The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) to help educate drycleaners on how to build and deploy marketing systems and tactics to help them cope with the pandemic and position them for growth as the world defeats the pandemic.

Beginning November 30th, Coyle will write DLI’s weekly Monday Morning Marketing email newsletter. He will also host a monthly marketing webinar for DLI members beginning December 2 with Tap Into the Holy Grail of our Industry – Bedding. DLI CEO Mary Scalco, said, “We’re working to give our members as many resources as we can. We are pleased to be working with Mr. Coyle to share expert, industry-focused marketing expertise with our members.”

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